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Accounting Tutor in Jakarta

Looking for Accounting Tutors near Jakarta? You are in the right place! provide Accounting Tutors who are not only SMART, but also able to explain the concepts clearly and easy to understand. Unlike usual tutoring agency, support all of our tutor with curriculum and pedagogical content knowledge which proven by research to be effective in helping students to achieve a better result in Accounting subject. Our Accounting tutors does not work individually, our academic support team always be there to support all of our Accounting tutors with rich learning materials, training, and expert consultation. provide Accountng tutor for IB Program, Accounting tutor for Cambridge,Accounting tutor for Indonesian Curriculum and Accounting tutor for university preparation (IB HL, A/AS level, Foundation year and college students). Contact Us for more information about our Accounting tutors qualification.

Private Home Tuition Jakarta

Affordable Home Tuition in Jakarta

We provide home tuition Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, Bali. Our home tuition service cover most school subject, such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, English,  Social studies, Business Studies, etc. Our tutors experienced tuition students with Cambridge, International Baccalaureate (IB) , VCE, Singapore and US curriculum.

International Home Tuition services in Jakarta for Primary school, IB Diploma, IB MYP, Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O level and A level

We also provide home tuition service to help students prepare for College/University Entrance Test

Our home tuition students are from some international and national-plus school in Jakarta, such as: JIS, GJIS, BIS, ACS, ACG, SPH, Jakarta World Academy, etc

We provide home tuition to help students studying their school subjects covered by Cambridge and IB curriculum. Some of the subjects are:

  • Mathematics
  • Science/Combined Science
  • English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • ICT
  • Social studies
  • Business Studies
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • etc

We also offer intensive program for students who want to retake their Cambridge examination (IGCSE /O Level, and A/AS Level). Our Home tuition jakarta program will help students to get desired Marks.

You can choose to study with tutor who speak bilingually or full English. We provide students with complete syllabus and past paper collections.

If  you want to find tutor to help your studies, please contact us:

Whatsapp/ Call:  (+62) 896 9439 8857


Need to find tutor near Jakarta? Contact us! Or Register here


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Pendaftaran Ujian Cambridge 2018

Pendaftaran Ujian Cambridge IGCSE, O level, AS level and A level

Berikut info Pendaftaran Ujian Cambridge

CIE Indonesia  telah membuka Pendaftaran Ujian Internasional Cambridge  CIPP-IGCSE-O Level-A/AS Level untuk tahun 2018

Persyaratan Pendaftaran:
1. Foto kopi tanda pengenal (akta lahir/KTP/paspor )
2. Foto kopi buku raport semester terakhir
3. Foto berwarna terbaru ukuran 4 x 6 sebanyak 1 lembar
4. Mengisi formulir pendaftaran Ujian (email kami untuk memperoleh formulir pendaftaran)
5. Menentukan subjects ( mata pelajaran ) yang akan diikuti.

Biaya Ujian:

1.      Pendaftaran        Rp. 1.000.000 per candidate

2.      IGCSE                  Rp  3.200.000 (per subject)

3.      O Level               Rp  3.000.000 (per subject)

4.      AS Level             Rp  3.500.000 (per subject)*

5.      A Level               Rp  3.700.000 (per subject)*

*Untuk ujian dengan praktik AS/A Level ( Biology, Chemistry, Physics ) akan dikenakan biaya tambahan sebesar Rp 2.000.000 per subject .

 Pendaftaran berakhir pada 10 Agustus 2018. Jika melewati tanggal  tersebut, maka akan dikenakan biaya tambahan** sebagai berikut :

Late Entry Fee** 11 Agustus – 31 Agustus 2018  Rp 1.500,000 per subject untuk semua level ujian.

Very Late Entry Fee** 01 September  – 19 September  2018 Rp 2,300,000 per subject untuk semua level ujian.

Untuk mengikuti bimbingan privat ujian Cambridge, silahkan daftar untuk memperoleh bimbingan privat guru ke rumah. Klik disini
Kami menyediakan tutor untuk membantu siswa yang akan mengikuti ujian cambridge IGCSE, O Level maupun Ujian A level atau bagi siswa yang retake ujian cambridge