Reasons to choose Us

We work as a team. Our team consist of Educational consultant, researcher, psychologist and teachers who are not only understand about curriculum but also how to optimize students potential by helping them to tackle their learning difficulties.  We have partners from schools and universities from Jakarta, Singapore, UK  and US.  Trough a solid team work we believe that we can help students better than only individual tutor.

We test our tutor based on the subject they will be tutoring, personal interview and demo teaching. We believe that a good tutor is not only smart but also have to be capable to deliver their subject and make it easy to understand. A tutor should also be responsible toward student’s progress in learning.

We provide regular support for our students and tutors. We believe tutoring process will result a good progress if supported by regular monitoring, complete learning resources and good team work between student, tutor and our team.

We are always available to help. Our customer service are happy to answer all questions and queries from students and parents regarding tutoring program. We actively listen to all comments, questions and feedback from parents and students. We are not only hearing, but give direct action and response to all inputs.

Overall, we believe that in a supportive learning environment every student can reach their full potential. Each student have their own talents and able to discover their true potential. We can help them to reach that.



“What we want is to see the learner in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the learner” (G.B Shaw)

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