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Guru Les Privat SD SMP SMA di Jakarta Barat Selatan Timur Pusat Utara

Guru Les Privat SD SMP SMA di Jakarta Barat Selatan Timur Pusat Utara 

Jakarta Tutoring menyediakan jasa guru pengajar les privat kerumah SD SMP SMA untuk wilayah Jakarta Selatan Barat Timur Pusat Utara. Guru les privat SD SMP SMA yang akan datang ke rumah siswa akan berusaha membantu untuk peningkatan hasil belajar siswa les privat. Siswa les privat akan merasa lebih fokus dan konsentrasi dalam belajar les privat dengan metode satu Tutor les satu siswa. Siswa les privat juga akan merasa lebih dekat dengan guru les sebab belajar les privat dengan guru les datang kerumah itu sama seperti belajar les dengan kakak sendiri. Siswa les akan makin mudah bertanya pelajaran-pelajaran sekolahan yang belum dipahami. Ditambah lagi waktu belajar les bisa di atur semaunya atau fleksibel, siswa les bisa pilih sendiri kapan mau belajar/ bertanya dengan guru les datang kerumah dan pilih mau belajar dengan tutor yang mana.

Guru Les Privat SD SMP SMA di Jakarta Barat Selatan Timur Pusat Utara


Umumnya siswa les yang ada dalam kelas SD SMP SMA terutama siswa les SD, sangat butuh perhatian serta bimbingan les penuh. Sering kali belajarpun orang tua siswa les harus menyuruh dengan susah payah. Dengan demikian adanya peran dari tutor dan guru les privat sd SMP SMA kerumah, siswa les bakal di bimbing privat untuk menghilangkan kebiasaan- kebiasaan kurang baik. Contohnya banyak bermain dari pada belajar les privat, malas buat PR, mau belajar hanya apabila disuruh. Guru pengajar les kami akan menolong siswa les untuk menghapus kebiasaan jelek tersebut, serta membuat siswa agar lebih pro aktif untuk belajar dan kurangi bermain

IB Private Tutor and Teacher in Jakarta

IB Private Tutor, IB teacher in Jakarta

Jakarta Tutoring has more than 8 years of professional experience in providing IB private tutor in Jakarta, Bali, Bekasi, Serpong, Tangerang, and Depok.

Jakarta Tutoring always succeeded to satisfy students and parents who decide to use help of our private tutors for Primary Tuitions, IGCSE tutoring, IB Tutoring, IB diploma, A level exam and Cambridge O level.

Jakarta Tutoring provides various kinds of tutors, one of the most demanded is IB diploma tutors, IB diploma Private Tutor, IB diplome in Home tutoring.

Why choose our IB Private Tutor?

IB Students who pursue their own academic achievements in international schools in Jakarta and study using international curriculum or international students in Jakarta currently have privilege to access qualified and experienced tutors who can help them solve their difficulties and problems in International schools using IB and Cambridge Curriculum.

IB Private Tutors of Jakarta Tutoring will also help IB students to realize their goals to be accepted at universities abroad. IB students usually feel exhausted and bored of too much learning approximately 6 subjects, Extended Essays, Theory of Knowledge (ToK), and Creativity, Activity, Service (C.A.S.) at the same time. Many IB Students find it difficult and they’re having a low self-confidence of passing the exam and getting a good score in IB exam. Most of them have their own difficulties to finish IB projects, homework and lots of deadlines for each subject they study in school or in a simpler words, they are unable to keep up with things that have been taught in their class. IB Private Tutors from Jakarta Tutoring are glad to help these IB students to make it better and easy.

Who are the IB diploma tutors in Jakarta Tutoring?

Our IB Private tutors have:

✔ Experienced and/or capability of teaching IB international curriculum.

✔ Qualification to teach IB Diploma subjects.

✔ Expertise in their field of work which have certain relations with subjects of IB.

Jakarta Private Tutoring Service

Jakarta Private Tutoring Service for International students taking IB and Cambridge, etc

Jakarta Private Tutoring services provide specialized tutors who can come to your home.
We provide tutoring service for Jakarta area. Our tutoring service cover most school subject, such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, English,  Social studies, Business Studies, and many more. Our tutors have experience in tutoring students taking Cambridge, International Baccalaureate (IB) , VCE, Singapore and US curriculum.

We also provide private tutoring service to help students prepare for College/University Entrance Test such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS.

Our students come from some international and national-plus schools in Jakarta, such as:

Jakarta International School (JIS)
Rafles International Christian School (RCIS)British International School
Australian International School
Binus International School (Simprug and Serpong)
The Gandhi Memorial International School (GMIS Jakarta)
Saint John International School
Central International School
Global Sevilla International School
Singapore International School
Global Jaya International School
Hope International School
Sekolah Pelita Harapan
Tiara Bangsa ACS
Pakistan International School
Jubilee School
SMAN 3 Jakarta International Program
SMAN 8 Jakarta International Program
SMAN 70 Jakarta International Program
and still many other international and national schools around Jakarta

while some of our university preparation students go to some college such as:

Jakarta International College (JIC), Monash University Foundation Year
Edmund College (U.S)
Lone Star College (U.S)
University of Melbourne (Australia)
University of Michigan (U.S)
Lund University (EU)
Nan Yang Technological Institute (Asia)
University Teknologi Petronas (Asia)
Gadjah Mada University (International Program)
University of Indonesia (International Program)

Need to find tutor near Jakarta? Contact us!

We give tutoring for all kinds of curriculum such as IGCSE, A Level, IB Diploma, MYP and SAT exam. IB HL Mathematics comes in closed with many students requiring extra attention in the complex subjects and extra assignment given like CAS and extended essay. Primary Singaporean math is one of the hardest math for primary level. It is high in demand, which many Indonesian parents want to ensure their children get the understanding and skills in math from an early age so that they will not struggle when they are in secondary. Please don’t hesitate to Contact us. We are ready to help your children to boost their confidence and skills in Math.

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