Tutoring term of service

Parents and Students please read below our terms of services before argue to use our service:

• The payment of the registration fee IDR 150.000 should be done before the first meeting, after student chose the tutor based on their CV. (used to support tutor to provide teaching materials, ex: Copy and Printing cost)

• If the student doesn’t feel match with the tutor, student allowed to ask student service officer to replace the tutor (FREE).

• Student should decide the tutoring schedule before sending back registration form.

• If the student wish to cancel or change the tutoring schedule which has been set previously, then the student should notify our student service officer at least 6 hours before the scheduled tutoring begins.

• If the student does not inform the schedule cancellation or replacement to student service officer, which cause tutor come to the student’s home without knowing the cancellation, then the student is charged a penalty fee equal to 1 meeting.

• If the student needs additional tutoring schedule outside the tutoring schedule which has been set previously, the student should inform it to student service officer and the tutor at least 3 hours before the requested tutoring schedule.

Standard Tutoring duration for 1 meeting is 90 minutes per session for college, platinum, gold,bronze and silver program and 60 minutes per session for language and Express program. If in any case tutoring session conducted less than standard duration by students’ request, tutoring rates will be counted according to standard tutoring duration.

• If the tutoring time exceeded the standard time stated before, the student is charged additional cost per 30 minutes equal to 1/3 of 1 meeting cost (90 minutes per session) or ½ of 1 meeting (60 minutes per session). Extra time less than 30 minutes is not counted

• Please NOTE, all female tutors who use public transportation ARE NOT ALLOWED to start the tutoring schedule above 7 p.m. except there is agreement between tutor and parents.

• If the female tutor should start the tutoring schedule above 6.30 p.m. then the student should be responsible for the tutor safety in heading home by informing or providing ease of vehicle/ transportation access.

• The parents are expected to monitor student’s Daily Report and inform student service about the student’s academic progress at school (e.g. exam score or report card score). It will be used to monitor the student academic progress under Jakarta tutoring and to maintain our service’s quality


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