How do we work?

How it works for student


When we get your call, we will ask you about several detailed information about:

1. What kind of tutor do you need (subjects, special requirements, etc.)

2. Schedule of tutoring session

3. Specific condition of the students

4. Your current address

5. Your email address

6. etc.


After we get enough information about the tutor that you need, we will look for the best tutor candidate by selecting available tutors through several test. The tests are:

1. English Proficiency Test*)

2. Content Knowledge Test

3. Demo Teaching

4. Interview

We will send the CV of our tutors who pass the test with good score to your e-mail and we will let you to choose the suitable tutor.

You are able to change the tutor if you feel the tutor does not suit with you or your kids.


The next step is first meeting between student, tutor and our company. We will accompany the tutor to your place. Our tutor will give first lesson at this meeting. After first lesson, we will review the lesson with tutor and student. If there is any problem that should be dealt with, then it is the best time to talk.


In order to ensure the quality of our tutor and the tutoring session is going well, there will be monthly monitoring between our Academic Service Officer (ASO) with the tutor and the student. Our Academic Service Officer will contact both the tutor and the student or the student’s parents to gather information about how the tutoring session on each month is going. If there is any problem with the tutor or the students, ASO will help both tutor or student to overcome the problem.


Monthly invoice will be delivered at the end of the month (for non-package program) or at the beginning of the month (for package program). The bills are based on hour rate (package or non-package program). There will be additional cost for tutor transportation if the student’s house is far away from tutor’s house or the access for public transportation to student’s house is a bit hard. The additional cost will be discussed after first meeting. If the students need extra materials such as past papers, e-book, software, etc., it will be discussed between student/ student’s parents and ASO.

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