Students who register at will get a lot benefits, such as:

1. Qualified tutor

We understand that you want the best tutor for you or your children. That’s why we are selecting tutors through several tests and only tutor who passed the tests is chosen. A tutor at our company should pass a test every time they want to teach a student who has different subject or grade with student that they have handled previously. The test itself will be updated every month. Thus, we can control our tutors’ quality.


2. 24 Hours Connection

We realize that we need to keep connecting with you. So you can contact us anytime using phone call, text messages or e-mail (at office hours) and text messages or email only (24 hours).


3. Academic Service Officer Services

Academic Service Officer (ASO) will monitor tutoring activities every month. Our ASO will contact both of you and tutor to make sure the tutoring is going well. If there is any problem during tutoring session, ASO will manage to help you to overcome the problem. It will help you a lot to get the best tutoring session.

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